A Better Way to Block the Sun

A Better Way to Block the Sun

Consider ceramic window tinting installation in Sarasota, Tampa or Parrish, FL

Ceramic window tint is a newer, highly popular tinting option for all kinds of glass windows. Unlike other window tints made from metal, ceramic window tinting doesn't conduct or transfer heat and can block out 99% of the sun's heat.

ThermoShield Window Tinting, Inc offers professional tinting services in Sarasota, Tampa and Parrish, FL. We'll cover your home or office windows in a quality ceramic window tint for better privacy, glare control and heat reduction.

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Discover the benefits of ceramic tinting from ThermoShield Window Tinting, Inc

There are many options to choose from when tinting your home or office windows in Sarasota & Parrish, FL. ThermoShield Window Tinting suggests ceramic window tint because it's...

  • Made of non-metal ceramic to reduce the heat on glass.
  • Not dyed darker so it won't fade over time.
  • More energy-efficient because it blocks 50% of UV light.
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